Introducing GPT-4 for AppSheet Documentation

Teamapps AI Assist takes this difficult aspect of managing mission critical AppSheet Apps and automates all related documentation using the power of AI. As well as keeping it up to date by sensing when changes have been made to the App.

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Simply by adding the Chrome extension to your browser, Teamapps will work in the background everytime you are building in AppSheet.


It will then continually sync your project documentation including data sources, titles and header descriptions but without seeing the underlying data itself.

generate docs USING AI

From here the power of AI works to generate developer documentation and even user guides that can be updated anytime based on any changes made.


Stating the purpose of the Application

AI Assist takes a summary view of what the App fulfils as a job to be done and generates a paragraph of text that clearly communicates this.


Creating a detailed description of the Application

AI Assist combines its high level understanding of the data sources, user actions, features and purpose to create a detailed description of the Application for future developers and users.

user actions

Complete list of the user actions

The list of user actions within an Application are in many ways the most important thing to know as a developer coming to a legacy project. AI Assist does this with very high accuracy.

key slices used in app

Key slices documented and explained [coming soon]

Using code to text translation AI Assist lets documenters list out the key slices that for instance, control users access to data and returns detailed, highly accurate explanations for how they work. With the ability for further elaboration in the roadmap.

data sources

AI Assist describes data sources and the slices that govern them

Giving documenters and approvers the ability to see the core data sources at a glance as well as gain in-depth explanations into how slices govern user access to each data source.

key slices in table

Giving goverance teams full transparency

Currently already active in Teamapps Enterprise, this AI Assist feature is designed to demystify any complexity that would otherwise slow down approval teams ability to deploy an Application.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does AI Assist work?

It combines its understanding of an application from the Chrome extensions sync process with a series of refined prompts that GPT-3 then uses to generate the outputs. The beauty of this is not just in AI Assists ability to generate the documentation once, but in its ability to know when changes have been made and prompt the user to re-generate the documentation thus keeping it up to date. This removes a large amount of ongoing work from project teams backlog.

Does the Chrome extension access our data sources?

No the Chrome extension cannot access the underlying data of the data sources which are protected by the sources own access controls. The Chrome extension can merely see the data source provider [type], name, headers and CRUD permissions.

How does pricing work?

The Alpha testing period will be free, after that there will be different plans available based on the number of tokens available for use per month as well as some team and enterprise features for the higher tiers. Each plan will have a token allocation which will translate into the amount of words that can be generated by AI Assist as part of project documentation.

How can I share the documentation with other users of the App?

To begin with AI Assist assumes that those that wish to see the documentation also have the ability to edit the same App on AppSheet. Therefore, teams of co-creators can be attached to a single source of truth that is linked to that App itself. In time we will integrate the service with other documentation services.

Can other members of our team contribute their tokens to creating an Apps documentation?

Yes given that Apps on AppSheet often involve more than one editor and the documentation generated by AI Assist is connected to the App, multiple users can add to the documentation for that App. Indeed, other creators will be notified when someone on the team updates the Apps documentation.