Citizen Developer Guardrails

May 24, 2023

4 min

As organizations continue to embrace citizen development strategies in order to digitize and automate their processes, apps created by citizen developers become mission critical over time as they are deployed into and adopted by an organization. It is important to ensure that security measures and build standards are in place to minimize risk and loss of knowledge. Teamapps is helping organizations scale citizen development, which includes the ability to create adaptive checklists that are customizable to each organization's needs, ensuring apps created by citizen developers are of expected standards and are documented from the day they’re created.

The Checklist feature helps citizen developers understand and follow best practices, taking the load off of approvers and ensuring that apps and automations are created with a high level of security. Some items that can be included on the checklist include:

  • Defining workflows using a template, so that it is clear to others what business process the app is automating or improving.
  • A self-assessed risk profile can also be included, which assesses how mission critical the app is and the sensitivity of the data sources used.
  • Automatic detection of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) which requires creators to justify why it is needed in the app.

These checklists help admins with the app approval and lifecycle process. Admins have the option to set checklist guidelines that creators must follow in order to get their apps approved, or they can use rules-based adaptive governance to focus resources on higher risk projects. By following these guardrails, organizations can ensure that their citizen developer teams are creating apps and automations that are both efficient, secure and well documented.

The Checklist feature on Teamapps is a valuable tool for helping organizations achieve these goals and scale their citizen development efforts. In conclusion, the use of checklists for citizen developers is crucial for ensuring the creation of high-quality apps and automations with minimal risk to the organization. The customizable Checklist feature on Teamapps is an effective tool for helping organizations establish and maintain security measures and build standards as they embrace citizen development.

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