Teamapps AI Assisted AppSheet Documentation

May 24, 2023

2 min

The creators of apps often have to prioritize building a working application over properly documenting important processes and workflows within an organization. Documentation can be a difficult task due to time, effort, and resourcing, but current advancements in AI now make it possible to automate this task. Therefore, it is beneficial to automate this task to save time and effort.

Teamapps AI Assist has the ability to keep documentation up to date as the app evolves. As apps are modified and new features are added, it's important that the documentation reflects these changes. Without proper documentation, team members may not understand how the app works and may be unable to make necessary updates or troubleshoot issues if they were to take over the maintenance of that app. Teamapps AI Assist in conjunction with Teamapps sync constantly monitors for changes to AppSheet apps, and will notify the creator on Teamapps prompting them to optionally update documentation.

In addition to improving the accuracy and completeness of documentation, Teamapps AI Assist can also save time and effort for app creators. Instead of spending hours writing and updating documentation manually, they can rely on the AI system to handle this task. This frees up their time to focus on other aspects of app development, such as obtaining feedback from users and implementing new features.

Overall, Teamapps AI Assist is a valuable tool for organizations and consultancies that rely on citizen development to create custom solutions. By automating the documentation process with AI, it helps to ensure that app creators can focus on building their projects, while still meeting the important requirement of proper documentation.

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