Specify a security and data usage framework

Helping creators better understand security requirements and App build standards that result in Apps and automations with far less risk accrued to the organisation.

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A framework for best practice


Ensuring Apps that are higher on a mission criticality scale have multiple creators.


With checklists that ensure creators are following best practice and using sensitive data appropriately.


Assessments made for each App based on risk profiles set by governance teams.


With monitoring in place to track changes made to Apps that may effect its risk profile.

View all Apps, set a risk level, review & approve

Governance teams can oversee any project at various stages development and communicate with creators through a single source of truth to ensure they understand governance requirements.

Ensure creators follow security guidelines

Admins can set the guidelines that creators need to follow to get their Apps approved. Or use rules based adaptive governance that focuses resources on higher risk projects.

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