Specify security and quality standards

Helping citizen developer teams better understand security measures and App build standards that result in better Apps and automations being created with far less risk accrued to the organisation.

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Customisable build workflows


Groups of citizen developers of varying experience and expertise working together to generate high quality Apps and automations.


With customisable checklists that ensure that citizen developers are following best practice and taking the load from approvers.


Then channeling deployment requests through to the right admin users based on the specifics of the project based on risk profiles.


With approval to deploy granted once collaborating admins are satisfied that the proper standards have been reached.

View deployment status of apps

Approval teams can oversee any project at various stages development and be alerted when creators require approval or earlier if it is deemed high risk.

Ensure creators follow security guidelines

Admins can set the guidelines that creators need to follow to get their Apps approved. Or use rules based adaptive governance that focuses resources on higher risk projects.