Introducing a tool to find all tools

Teamapps tool scanner helps IT teams uncover users in their organisation that are solving problems using any of the no-code/low-code tools on the market. Then gives them the option to reach out and offer support and guidance.

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Uncover no-code/low-code tools being used under the radar

Instead of leaving shadow IT to its own devices, Teamapps can help guide citizen development in a way that leads to higher quality outcomes, less security risk, data misuse or change management issues.

What does it do?

Teamapps Tool Scanner monitors log-ins made by users in a Google Workspace using oAuth 2.0. This simple tool compiles the number of log-ins, the specific tool and whether or not it has been validated for company usage.

How can it help?

Tool Scanner shows managers which platforms are growing in popularity to better manage the suite of tools used in the organisation and to give them the ability to see but then importantly offer guidance so that this development is done to high standards.

Why you should get it?

Sign up to Tool Scanner to monitor and govern no-code low-code tools and support growing citizen developers.

Teamapps is now in beta, contact us to sign up!

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