Teamapps proves its commitment to security with ISO 27001

January 12, 2024

5 minutes

It’s official, Teamapps has received ISO 27001 certification, the most rigorous global security standard for Information Security Management Systems. 

As part of our strategy for placing the highest engineering, security and compliance standards at the centre of all of our operations, Teamapps has carried out an audit process that has enabled us to receive ISO 27001 certification. 

It is the first major compliance milestone in our ongoing mission to ensure that we align with best in class security standards and help our customers to do the same in their no-code low-code development initiatives. 

The certificate is issued by external auditor Consilium Labs who are a best in class security partner and ISO auditor. Having covered over 100 security requirements and controls that the certification by the International Organisation for Standards defines for the implementation of an Information Security Management System. Plus many additional requirements that we had placed on ourselves to ensure that any foreseeable risk can be controlled for.  

How we achieved ISO 27001

To obtain this certificate, we undertook a rigorous series of internal and external audits to ensure that every aspect of our operations is aligned to delivering on the highest standards of information security management. With the identification of a set of key controls that have been put in place to ensure that any foreseeable risk can be controlled for in order to avoid, manage or mitigate incidents that may affect our operations and customers. 

To help us in this process we have worked with Vanta, a leader in security and compliance automation, to integrate all of the systems we rely on to deliver our product to customers. Vanta enabled us to move efficiently and effectively through the very large set of requirements to ensure that we could focus our attention on delivering the highest quality outcome. We continue to rely on Vanta for real-time monitoring of our systems and see it as an integral part of trust and compliance dedication. 

Security is key to our value proposition

Teamapps seeks to help organisation confidently scale their no-code, low-code based citizen development initiatives. A process that requires a lot of trust to be in place so that governance teams can be confident that the right monitoring and controls are in place to support grass roots innovation. So having best in class governance and security practices ourselves remains at the heart of our mission. 

We truly believe that trust, transparency and a dedication to safeguarding customer and user data is an absolutely essential criteria for technology businesses. We remain committed to pushing ourselves even further to ensuring that we deliver on the highest of standards as we move forwards into a future with many unknowns. 

Our team is routinely trained and exhibit an extreme proactivity when it comes to making sure all aspects of our operations maintain their integrity. If you have any questions about how we manage our ISMS and security operations we are always open for a discussion.     

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